The PortTechLA Advantage

PortTech Los Angeles is a business incubator dedicated to helping clean technology entrepreneurs transform start-ups into thriving businesses. Nationally, 87% of start-ups that worked with business incubators are still in business three years later, compared to only half of non-incubator start-ups. And 65% of incubator start-ups receive crucial third party funding compared to 10% of non-incubator companies.

In addition, PortTechLA offers several other unique benefits for clean technology entrepreneurs:

  • PortTechLA works very closely with the Port of Los Angeles’ Technology Advancement Program (TAP), which is tasked with the responsibility of evaluating and helping fund technologies that support the Port’s Clean Air and Clean Truck Action Plans.
  • The PortTechForum, a monthly meeting hosted by PortTechLA at Los Angeles Harbor College, brings together entrepreneurs, technology company suppliers/consultants, potential funders and business partners for education, discussion and networking opportunities.
  • Through event co-sponsorships with organizations such as the Harbor Association of Industry and Commerce (HAIC), PortTechLA has established relationships with many port tenants who need clean technologies to resolve their environmental and regulatory challenges.
  • The San Pedro Chamber of Commerce and the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce are community partners with PortTechLA and provide referrals to local resources needed by new companies in the harbor area.
  • As a part of the City of Los Angeles’ CleanTechLA initiative, PortTechLA has access to experts at some of the world’s great research universities including USC, UCLA and Caltech.