Become A Partner

PortTech Los Angeles couldn't exist without our broader network of partners that allows us to provide an even greater range of services. Our partners tend to fall within one of the following four categories:

Sponsors | Our corporate sponsors provide crucial financial support that allows us to help clean technology entrepreneurs transition start-ups into thriving businesses. Staff members from sponsoring companies also play a key role in supporting PortTechLA's programs and services including the PortTechEXPO, PortTechForums and PortTechWorkshops.

Supporting Organizations | Our supporting organizations give PortTechLA clients access to success by providing contacts with experts in academic, government and industry organizations. Partners from supporting organizations include university researchers, government agency representatives, business owners, venture finance experts and Port leaders.

Service Providers | Our service providers represent local companies that provide essential business services for clean technology entrepreneurs. They include experts in the fields of accounting, marketing, intellectual property law, insurance, public relations, branding and many other specialties.

International Partners | Our international partners are working with PortTechLA to bring international technology companies to Southern California and develop business opportunities for local businesses abroad. International partnerships led to the first-ever Swiss Emissions Control Forum, a new program for Italian entrepreneurs and several guest researchers and entrepreneurs visited from across the globe.

If you would like to support clean technology entrepreneurs and become part of our network, please call (310) 519-1801 or join us at the next PortTechForum.