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Clean Oil Equals Big Savings

Marine Oil Technology at TraPac installation

Thanks to Marine Oil Technology (MOT), businesses operating extra-large vehicles, including heavy duty trucks, forklifts and ships, can put off dealing with annoying and costly oil changes for years. Company founders and engineers, Dr. Paul Kraatz, Alex and Laila Weil designed and developed MOT's Oil Lubricating Reconditioning System to keep trucks and equipment running smoothly, reduce reliance on fossil fuels and to save companies money on maintenance.

"Standard oil filters installed on trucks and buses filter particles down to about 30 microns, but in an engine the area between the piston and the cylinder wall is only three microns. Friction from large particles causes wear and tear shortening an engine's lifespan," said CEO Alex Weil. "Our unit removes all particles larger than one micron eliminating friction and extending an engine's longevity. It's like the Fountain of Youth for engines."

After the microscopic particles are removed, the MOT Oil Lubricating Reconditioning System goes the extra-mile by adding a second step, sending oil through an evaporation heating chamber that removes liquid contaminants such as water, fuel, glycol and corrosive acids, which damage engines over time. TraPac, a leading container terminal operator, has been testing MOT's two-phase filtration technology on utility tractor rigs (UTRs) and side handler tractors used to move shipping containers.

"The applications to our diesel engines and hydraulic lubricating systems have almost completely eliminated the need for lubricating oil changes by efficiently removing both the solid and liquid contaminants," said Frank Pisano, Executive Vice President of TraPac. "This has resulted in an increase in engine life well beyond the standards set by the engine manufacturers. Our ongoing oil analysis program has proven that the oil is remaining cleaner, while consumption has been dramatically reduced."

For the last four years, TraPac hasn't had to change the oil on vehicles using the MOT system. But the benefits from this type of clean technology are far greater than fewer oil changes. MOT products are made in the USA and produced in the Los Angeles area generating jobs and fueling the local economy.

"Connecting MOT with TraPac and helping develop and build that relationship has led to exciting business opportunities for MOT," said Jeff Milanette, Executive Director of PortTechLA. "Domestic and international companies are already asking about this cutting edge clean technology. Based on the response from potential customers, there's a good possibility that MOT could add dozens of jobs to the Los Angeles area within a year."

The MOT Oil System reduces fuel and oil consumption, emissions, maintenance costs and extends engine life. It can be installed and used on any type of large machinery including Class 4 trucks and above, marine engines, top and side loaders, yard hostlers, forklifts, sanitation trucks, buses, gear boxes, hydraulic systems, transmissions, power generators and military vehicles. MOT is also in the process of developing a smaller system for cars and small trucks.

About PortTechLA: PortTech Los Angeles, a commercialization center and incubation program, promotes and develops companies with technologies that enable enterprises and consumers to meet their immediate and future environmental, energy, security and logistics goals. PortTechLA is an integral component in the Clean Tech Los Angeles Initiative, a founding member of the Business Incubation Network of Southern California and is a member of the National Business Incubation Association. The incubator is located adjacent to the Port of Los Angeles in the heart of the San Pedro Business Improvement and Arts, Culture and Entertainment Districts.