PortTechForum: Bright Ideas in Sustainable Infrastructure

Entrepreneur Presentation: Hive Lighting

Hive Lighting, Inc. makes bright, beautiful, energy-efficient plasma lights for film, TV and digital media production. Made in Los Angeles, Hive’s distruptive lamps have set new benchmarks for flexibility, energy-efficiency and light quality that are transforming the way media is produced. Other applications for Hive's lighting includes high mast lights specifically for ports, streetlights and parking lots. At the Forum, Robert Rutherford, CEO for Hive Lighting will be on hand to explore applications for this innovative technology.

Industry Presentation: P2S Engineering

P2S Engineering is a consulting engineering and commissioning firm committed to innovative designs, sustainable solutions and high-quality services for clients nationwide. P2S is committed to leading the industry with next-generation MEP engineering practices – mechanical, electrical and technology infrastructure – for new, renovation or retrofit construction projects. Eric Jacobs, Senior Mechanical Engineer / Project Manager will discuss a large electrical infrastructure replacement project underway that includes several innovations of interest to ports worldwide.

Cleantech Open Call for Applications

The world’s largest cleantech business competition is calling for applicants for its 2013 program. Hear the details about the program and $1 million in cash and services to be awarded this year. All green/clean tech companies should consider applying. For more information, go to www.cleantechopen.org

Marketing Minute

Websites are critical to any business or organization, large or small. While discussing ways to enhance your website, Ann Lee Carpenter, Director of Marketing for PortTechLA will present the features of PortTechLA’s new website.

Event Details

Start Date: April 16, 2013 10:00 am
End Date: April 16, 2013 12:00 pm
Individual Price $25.00
Location LA Harbor College
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