PortTech Pitch Finalists 2013

Participants in the PortTech Pitch included companies from energy, environment, transportation and security market sectors. A number of the entrepreneurs are also participants in The Cleantech Open. The 2014 PortTech Pitch Finalists will be announced in early September. 2013 Finalists are listed below.

Advanced Rail Energy Storage (ARES) has developed a grid-scale energy storage technology using the power of gravity similar to pumped hydro power without the use of water—green energy storage for green energy. Ares technology is less expensive than pumped hydro-power and easier to permit. It supports renewables integration, grid-scale energy storage and grid support ancillary services. The technology is scalable from 50-300 MW. ARES has patented its technology in the U.S. and has patents pending in 53 countries. It has completed a pilot demonstration project and is in the process of developing its first commercial project.
Armorway’s ARMOR software intelligently plans and randomizes security resource deployment schedules to mitigate risk at optimum cost. ARMOR’s game theory based simulation automatically generates security resource deployment schedules that improve security by minimizing predictability, and decreases the cost of security by maximizing the efficiency of resource utilization.
Bright Light Systems
Bright Light Systems (BLS) is a Georgia-based lighting manufacturer that integrates advanced lighting technology with wireless capabilities and an energy data management platform to deliver up to 80% energy savings to customers in the high mast lighting market. As one of the first companies to integrate Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) luminaires with intelligent lighting controls and data management solutions, we put customers in control of their energy expenses, fostering green business while delivering dramatic cost savings and reducing operational expense.
EcoSave Technologies
EcoSave Technologies, LLC is a San Diego-based company dedicated to the development and manufacturing of both products and systems that eliminate hydrocarbons (oil pollutants) present or accidentally spilled in any body of water (oceans, lakes, rivers, reservoirs, marinas etc.). EcoSave's technology is based on partical separation and molecular bonding. Amazingly uncomplicated, user-friendly and safe, our unique product line outperforms and outlasts all others.
Eltra Technology
Since their early beginnings as a semifinalist in the 2010 X-Prize, ELTRA has always pushed the limits of electric motor efficiency. Their flagship technology is the ELTRA Drive™. A digital transmission device with a proprietary algorithm that can effectively balance the power between two electric motors. This patented technology can increase the range and efficiency of motors by 22%. This allows electric vehicles like; e-bikes, golf carts, and scooters, the ability to use smaller motors that equal or perform better than one large expensive motor. ELTRA is currently a semi-finalist in the Cleantech Open competition.
EgoLogical Mobility
EgoLogical MobilityTM develops urban mobility solutions for the first mile / last mile commuter. By the year 2025, 70% of the world's population will live in urban communities. Our first product, the E-go, is the world's most compact electric scooter capable of traveling 20 miles on a single charge, and folds small enough to fit between your legs while sitting on a bus, train or car.
GoTek Energy
GoTek Energy, Inc. develops, manufactures, and licenses clean technology, yet fuel agnostic, rotary (non-Wankel) internal combustion engines that propel all types of land, water, and air transportation as well as drive stationary power generation devices to produce electricity, compressed air, vacuum, and heat exchange plus power industrial equipment. GoTek Energy, Inc. also develops, manufactures, and licenses rotary multi-stage capable compressors to pressurize and flow gases for directly creating compressed air and heat exchange and pumps to flow liquids and enable fluid transfer which are both leveraged from the engine technology.
Oberon Fuels
Oberon Fuels is bringing DME (dimethyl ether) to North America with its proprietary skid-mounted, modular, small-scale process. The Oberon production units use various feedstocks—such as biogas (animal and food waste, wastewater treatment, landfills), natural gas, and stranded gas—and they produce 3,000-10,000 gallons of DME per day. The Oberon process cost-effectively converts methane to DME, resulting in stable pricing (not dependent on crude oil), at a price that is competitive with diesel. The modular design can be deployed to remote stranded-gas locations that can be difficult and expensive to harvest, and to industrial operations where our units can monetize waste CO2 streams.
Shape Change Technologies
Shape Change Technologies is a research and development company specializing in new forms of the Shape Memory Alloy Nickel Titanium (TiNi). Our two major products are open celled porous TiNi and thin film TiNi. Porous TiNi can be used in numerous applications including: mechanical shock mitigation; high speed, high force actuation; and as an osteointegrative scaffold. Thin film TiNi has been employed largely for biomedical applications, either as a biocompatible coating or as a structural member in a vascular application.
Steam Torch
Steam Torch, Inc. is a green energy company with transformational technology that adapts solar energy for water distribution, water reclamation and electrical generation. Our proprietary technology incorporates a unique low cost solar energy concentrator, a highly efficient distiller and an enhanced disk turbine to provide solutions that outperforms all alternative renewable options.
WINSmartEVTM is a network technology which allows smart charging of EVs and intelligent schedule management for micro-grid operators like parking garage and fleet operators. This technology creates an optimized charging plan taking into account input from the consumer, micro-grid operator and electric grid operator. In essence, subcomponents of WINSmartEV are aimed at being business friendly, user friendly, and grid friendly.