Invest in Clean Tech Companies

At PortTech Los Angeles, we've analyzed and vetted hundreds of clean technology entrepreneurs and only pick the best companies to work with. PortTechLA ensures that business incubator clients have excellent business models, a great team in place to successfully take the company forward and revolutionary clean technologies with a product market fit.

Clients receive guidance and advice on every aspect of starting, developing and managing a business. These services include expert counsel on commercializing a clean technology, identifying a product’s target market, developing a customer base and defining customer and investor value creation.

We also help clients develop business presentations and coach entrepreneurs on how to communicate their business plans, financial models and product launch strategy to potential investors. At PortTechLA we transform inventors and engineers into business savvy CEOs.

To find out how you can invest in PortTechLA clean technology clients, please call (310) 519-1801 or join us at the next PortTechForum.