PortTechLA's New Clean Technology Client: EcoPAS

EcoPAS and PortTechLA

PortTech Los Angeles announced its latest client, EcoPAS, a clean technology and manufacturing firm that provides innovative science and engineering solutions for wineries. Through this new strategic partnership, PortTechLA will focus on transitioning EcoPAS from a start-up into a thriving business by providing business consulting, networking opportunities and one-on-one coaching.

"We are excited to be working with EcoPAS and are ready to help take the company to the next level as a business. This partnership is one more reason to raise a glass of wine and toast clean air," said Jeff Milanette, Executive Director of PortTechLA. "EcoPAS offers a completely revolutionary clean air technology that eliminates the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released during winemaking, converts those ozone-contributing gases back into a high-quality sellable spirit and allows wineries to meet air quality regulations. It's a triple win."

Prior to the invention of EcoPAS's Passive Alcohol System, there was no way for wineries to meet clean air requirements, forcing them to pay to pollute by purchasing emission reduction credits (ERCs) on the open market. Depending on the location of the winery and the level of competition for ERCs, the cost in California averages around $25,000 per ton of VOCs but can reach as high as $125,000 a ton. This cost adds up quickly for large-scale wineries based in the Central Valley, which is regulated by the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District and requires wineries to reduce their VOC emissions by 35 percent.

The EcoPAS Passive Alcohol System is especially needed in California's Central Valley, which is the second most ozone-polluted area in the United States. By using this clean air technology, large-scale wineries will be able to eliminate VOC emissions and earn ERCs to sell. The EcoPAS Passive Alcohol System doesn't require any moving parts, fans or motors to operate because it runs on the carbon dioxide naturally produced during the winemaking process. All VOCs are captured by the EcoPAS system and converted into a liquid that consists of 50 percent alcohol.

"During the summer, we received great input from the staff at PortTechLA on how to present our Passive Alcohol System to wineries and investors. We're really looking forward to our relationship with them as an incubator for young businesses," said Steven Colome, CEO of EcoPAS. "And as our manufacturing business grows, we look forward to receiving PortTechLA's advice and direction on moving stainless steel components through the port because we'll be operating as a green manufacturer in the LA Basin."

About PortTechLA: PortTech Los Angeles, a commercialization center and incubation program, promotes and develops companies with technologies that enable enterprises and consumers to meet their immediate and future environmental, energy, security and logistics goals. PortTechLA is an integral component in the Clean Tech Los Angeles Initiative, a founding member of the Business Incubation Network of Southern California and is a member of the National Business Incubation Association. The incubator is located adjacent to the Port of Los Angeles in the heart of the San Pedro Business Improvement and Arts, Culture and Entertainment Districts.

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