Entrepreneur Pitch Competition Finalists 2013

More than 50 companies competed in PortTech Los Angeles’ semifinals for the Entrepreneur Pitch Competition. Presenters pitched their company’s clean technology products and services to a panel of angel investors, lawyers, business consultants and successful entrepreneurs during coaching and mock judging sessions.

“This year’s entrants were stronger than ever. We had a very difficult time choosing the finalists,” said John Dmohowski, PortTechLA’s Director of Client Services. “The entrepreneurs gave excellent presentations on their clean technologies and also had very strong business plans. The competition was so close that we ended up with a tie and ultimately chose 11 finalists because we couldn’t narrow it down to 10.”

Entrepreneurs pitched clean technologies for the energy, environment, transportation and security sectors. Participating in the semifinals provided business owners with expert input on their pitches, advice on how to build and cultivate a board of directors and tips on what investors are looking for in a company. Entrepreneurs were evaluated on the quality of their presentations, the potential market-demand for their technology and their overall business plan.

The Entrepreneur Pitch Competition finalists are:

  • ARES North America: A deployable technology solution for grid-scale energy storage.
  • ARMORWAY:  Software that intelligently plans and randomizes security schedules to mitigate risk.
  • Bright Light Systems: Energy efficient plasma lighting technology with wireless capabilities.
  • EcoSave Technology: Technology eliminates oil pollutants spilled in any body of water.
  • Egological Mobility: The world’s most compact electric scooter for urban commuters.
  • Eltra Technology: A digital transmission device that balances the power between two electric motors.
  • GoTek Energy: Internal combustion engines that propel all types of land, water and air transportation.
  • Oberon Fuels: Small-scale dimethyl ether (DME) manufacturing platform and process.
  • Shape Change Technologies: New forms of shape memory alloy nickel titanium for industrial applications.
  • Steam Torch: Solar energy technology adapted for water distribution and reclamation and electrical generation.
  • WinSmartEV: Smart charging of electric vehicles and intelligent energy schedule management.

If you are an investor and interested in attending the 4th annual Entrepreneur Pitch Competition finals, there are still seats available. The competition takes place on Tuesday, September 10th from 5 to 8pm at the Port of Los Angeles Administration Building. The finalists will be giving eight-minute venture pitch presentations to an audience that includes investors, business advisors, attorneys, accountants and port representatives.

The sponsor of the Entrepreneur Pitch Competition is Locke Lord LLP, a full-service, international law firm with offices in 13 cities.

About PortTechLA: PortTech Los Angeles (www.porttechla.org) is a commercialization center and incubation program dedicated to creating sustainable technologies for ports and beyond. We bring together entrepreneurs, strategic partners and investors to accelerate innovation, advance clean technologies and create economic opportunities. We promote and develop technologies that enable enterprises to meet their environmental, energy, security and transportation goals. PortTech Los Angeles, part of the Clean Tech Los Angeles Initiative, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and a cooperative effort of the City of Los Angeles, the Port of Los Angeles, and the San Pedro and Wilmington business communities.

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