SaveSorb Responds To 10,000 Gallons Of Crude Oil

On May 15, 2014, a valve malfunction in Glendale caused over 10,000 gallons of black crude oil to rocket into the air early Thursday morning; showering local businesses. A river of crude flowed through the streets and coated parking lots with over a foot of oil in some places. Firefighters and first responders were able to berm the area to prevent oil from entering the LA River but were left with a massive pond of crude covering the neighborhood. The next morning, the cleanup began and local company SaveSorb was on the scene.

To the responders delight, Chase Ahders, CEO of SaveSorb, had enough all-natural absorbent on the scene that morning to begin an effective cleanup. Plains All American Pipeline, the owner of the pipeline and Patriot Environmental Services, the first response company on site, were both very familiar with the incredible absorbent properties of SaveSorb and were relieved to have it available. As one of the Plains team members put it during an on-site test of the product, “Wow, that stuff works.” A member of the incident command team responded when asked how the product performed, “SaveSorb successfully met the demands of the incident.” Over 4000lbs of SaveSorb were used to soak up and remove the incredible amount of oil from the area. Afterward some was left in place to provide a continual barrier to keep any remaining petroleum runoff from damaging the local environment.

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