PortTech Pitch Finalists 2014

PortTech announced the top 10 clean technology startups that qualified to move on and compete in the PortTech Pitch finals. Finalists were chosen from a group of almost 100 entrepreneurs who competed during the semifinals in mock judging and coaching sessions.

“This was the strongest group of entrepreneurs in the five years we’ve be doing the PortTech Pitch competition,” said PortTech Director of Client Services John Dmohowski. “We made a concerted effort to deliver the highest quality coaching, tools and resources for the competitors. Finalists were evaluated on the business model, team composition and economic opportunity as well as the effectiveness of their presentation techniques.”

Entrepreneurs pitched clean technologies for the energy, environment, transportation and security sectors. By participating in the semifinals, business owners received expert input on their pitches, advice on how to build their startups and tips on what investors are looking for in a company.

The PortTech Pitch finalists are:
•    CalWave Power Technology: UC Berkeley patented technology that converts wave energy into electricity.
•    EnZinc: Advanced rechargeable batteries using dendrite-free zinc electrode technology.
•    Fluency Lighting Technologies: High color-quality LASER stimulated lighting technology.
•    Greenbelt Resources Corporation: Waste to ethanol processing technology.
•    MacroBattery, Inc: A novel, cost-effective solution for thermal energy storage.
•    Malama Composites: Rigid urethane foams that are made from bio-based renewable feedstock.
•    Next Potential:  Light enabled catalysis technology that converts CO2 emissions to natural gas.
•    Renowaster: Landfill replacement technology that transforms municipal solid waste into fuel.
•    SaveSorb: An all-natural renewable product that absorbs and encapsulates oil better and faster.
•    Transient Plasma Systems: Pulsed power technology systems for research and commercial applications.

If you are an investor and interested in attending the 5th annual PortTech Pitch finals, there are still seats available. The competition takes place on Tuesday, September 16th from 5 to 9 p.m. at The Plaza at Cabrillo Marina in San Pedro. Finalists will be giving seven-minute pitch presentations and answering questions from a panel of judges representing the Port’s environmental divisions, service professionals and investors who are active in the clean technology entrepreneurial community. 

About PortTechLA: PortTech Los Angeles (www.porttechla.org) is a commercialization center and incubation program dedicated to creating sustainable technologies for ports and beyond. We bring together entrepreneurs, strategic partners and investors to accelerate innovation, advance clean technologies and create economic opportunities. We promote and develop technologies that enable enterprises to meet their environmental, energy, security and transportation goals. PortTech Los Angeles, part of the Clean Tech Los Angeles Initiative, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and a cooperative effort of the City of Los Angeles, the Port of Los Angeles, and the San Pedro and Wilmington business communities.

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