Finding the Value in Pitch Events

Article by Director of Client Services John Dmohowski
featured in MicroCap Review Winter/Spring 2015 Issue, p.58

The proliferation of incubators, accelerators, boot camps and professional services dedicated to helping startup teams prepare to impress investors has fueled the growth of pitch events and competitions. But are these events worth the time and effort exerted by participating founding teams? Do mentors and coaches who freely donate their time and expertise make a difference? Do investors really find companies or business models that they wouldn’t otherwise discover?

We think they are worthwhile for founders; greatly improved by matching mentors and coaches to the specific needs of entrepreneurs; and present a pre-screened group of candidates worthy of consideration by investors... Read more (see p. 58)

Pitch Events and Competitions

Quite a few pitch events offer the winning team money, in-kind prizes or even an investment by venture capitalists and angels. “It’s a great way for all participants to network in a productive atmosphere. It gives everyone the ability to ‘show their stuff,’” said Jim Winett, Partner of Level 11 LLC. But does that provide enough value for the amount of time and effort required?

Pitch events are useful, but often fall short of their potential. Events can be entertaining and provide exposure, networking and even money, but to truly provide value to founding teams they need to go beyond the “show.” PortTech’s method takes the concept of a pitch event and turns it into a months-long program to provide maximum learning through coaching and practice... Read more (see p. 58)

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