Ocean Exchange Announces Winners

Savannah, GA – The Ocean Exchange announced the two winners of the Ocean Exchange 2015 awards: Transient Plasma Systems and Saphon Energy. The winners were chosen from the top 10 finalists who were announced in late September. Both awards include a $100,000 prize from worldwide sponsors Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL) and Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.

This year’s WWL Orcelle® 2015 Award of $100,000 was awarded to concept of Energy Efficient Low Emission Ignition by Transient Plasma Systems of California and the Gulfstream Navigator Award 2015 of $100,000 was given to the Zero Blade Wind Energy Converter by Saphon Energy of Tunisia.

Transient Plasma Systems is a PortTech client that has developed an energy efficient, low emission ignition solution for automotive and truck manufacturers and engine producers. TPS was also the Grand Prize Award winner at the 2014 PortTech Pitch. "We're thrilled that TPS won the Ocean Exchange Orcelle 2015 Award," said PortTech Executive Director Stan Tomsic. "TPS's core technology has a wide range of potential beneficial applications, including everything from improving ignition combustion efficiency to reducing NOx emissions from diesel engines to treating cancer."

WWL’s President for Atlantic, Ray Fitzgerald congratulated the winner: “Transient Plasma Systems has developed an energy efficient, low emission plasma ignition technology that can help shipping reduce NOX emissions as well as improve fuel efficiency in any combustion engine. It’s a technology that can have major impact on human health and the environment; a very fitting winner of the Orcelle Award.”

Saphon Energy has developed breakthrough innovation in wind energy named "The Saphonian", the zero-blade wind energy converter. The Saphonian is a radical new way to generate efficient, cost-effective and sustainable green energy. It is radically different from conventional bladed turbines as it is bladeless and does not rotate.

"It is fitting that the winner of the Gulfstream Navigator Award is inspired by sailing, which connected the world early on with the help of innovations in navigation," said Ira Berman, senior vice president, Administration, and general counsel, Gulfstream. "The Saphonian's ability to capture wind energy in such an efficient way presents another unique opportunity to produce green energy and conserve resources for future generations. We congratulate Saphon Energy on this accomplishment."

Both solutions reduce the use of natural resources and waste and increase productivity and economic well-being.

About the Ocean Exchange
Founded in 2010, The Ocean Exchange is the intersection where organizations from around the world advance and promote their cutting edge solutions and innovations in materials, devices, processes, and systems. We have created the knowledge-based catalyst for organizations to achieve their sustainability goals. By connecting innovators and organizations, The Ocean Exchange empowers the successful application of solutions for the greater good.

About Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), designs, develops, manufactures, markets, services and supports the world’s most technologically advanced business-jet aircraft. Gulfstream has produced more than 2,400 aircraft for customers around the world since 1958. To meet the diverse transportation needs of the future, Gulfstream offers a comprehensive fleet of aircraft, comprising the Gulfstream G150TM, the Gulfstream G280TM, the Gulfstream G450TM, the Gulfstream G550TM, the Gulfstream G500TM, the Gulfstream G600TM, the Gulfstream G650TM and the Gulfstream G650ERTM. Gulfstream also offers aircraft ownership services via Gulfstream Pre-Owned Aircraft SalesTM. The company employs more than 16,000 people at 12 major locations.

About Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics
Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics delivers innovative and sustainable global shipping and logistics solutions for manufacturers of cars, trucks, heavy equipment and specialized cargo. The company also specializes in handling complex project cargoes such as rail cars, power generators, mining equipment and yachts. WWL's sophisticated supply chain management services ensure an efficient integration of ocean transportation, inland distribution, terminal handling and a comprehensive range of specialized technical services.

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