PortTech Los Angeles accomplishes a lot with a small and mighty staff, but it’s our broader network of partners that allows us to provide an even greater range of services.

Our partners include university researchers, government agency representatives, industry sponsors, community members, local business owners, venture finance experts, environmental and intellectual property lawyers, marketing managers, investors, Port leaders and many more service providers.

We are also developing relationships with international partners. From organizing the first-ever Swiss Emissions Control Forum, to establishing a partnership program with Italian entrepreneurs, to hosting numerous delegations of researchers and entrepreneurs worldwide, PortTechLA is attracting international technology companies to Southern California and developing business opportunities for local businesses.

Support provided by this diverse network gives our clients an extra advantage on the path towards success. At PortTechLA, we understand that having access to the right people makes all the difference.

If you believe in the benefits of clean technology and would like to be a part of our PortTechLA network, come to a PortTechForum or call us at (310) 519-1801.