Ensolve Biosystems

EnSolve Biosystems manufactures proprietary “green” portable biotreatment systems that cost-effectively purify hydrocarbon contaminated wastestreams. In business since 1995, EnSolve has utilized its biotreatment systems for both maritime (PetroLiminator®) and terrestrial (PetroClean®) applications. PetroLiminator OWS systems have been successfully installed onboard cruise ships, oil tankers, ore carriers, push boats, commercial fishing vessels, ferries, car carriers, supply ships and oil exploration vessels. Examples of terrestrial applications include ports, marinas, groundwater and industrial process wastes.


  • Street: 5805-B Departure Drive
  • Postcode: 27616
  • City: Raleigh
  • State: NC
  • Country: United States


Ensolve Biosystems

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