Government Connections

California businesses and entrepreneurs are turning their talent and focus towards developing clean technology products and services. Southern California leads the nation in the growth of new clean technology firms and jobs. This direction is driven by regulations passed by the California legislature and local governments to reduce air pollution including greenhouse gases (GHGs), dust and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Strict California environmental regulations provide many opportunities for clean technology entrepreneurs as industries and businesses scramble to comply with state and local laws. In many cases, the technologies companies need to meet regulations simply aren’t available and companies must pay to pollute in order to continue operating in California. State agencies offer grants and funding for start-ups with clean technologies that help California firms reduce pollution and fulfill regulatory requirements.

We have relationships with many state agencies and government representatives to help our clients connect with potential development opportunities. At PortTech, we see regulations as the gateway for the next generation of clean technologies and we want to make sure our clients get in on the ground floor.